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In 2010 I started writing and recording an album, I wrote and recorded a handful of songs but then I got frustrated with them and felt like the record had no direction. I stopped in the middle of it and made the “Coyote And Mule EP” instead. After i finished that and put it out I started working on the album again. I then had a theme and concept for it and nearly finished it… but then got really frustrated and decided to drop it and start making a whole other album (this is 2012 now). So I wrote and recorded a whole other record, finished it, mixed it… But i felt unsatisfied with the end product… Ugh. So I went back and listened to the old record that started in 2010 and realized that I really liked a lot of the songs. So I tried making a mix of all my favorite songs I’ve made from these two orphan albums and guess what… It worked! I’ve finally got it… or at least I’m pretty sure, more sure then I’ve been in the past two years at least. Now I have to go back and mix and fix a few things so I’m back in the Green Shed. #makingrecordstakesalongtime
  • 14 January 2013
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