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Mary Timony shirt may be next
My band The Little Books made a album called “Bridges And Empires” and we’ve launched an indiegogo to raise money and press vinyls of it and release it. Above is a picture of the cover art (collage by Sarah Colado). I’m really excited about sharing this record with people, it’s been such a strange and serendipitous experience making it. Like crazy. Check out our indiegogo page and get dibs on one of these pieces!
Today we got sun burnt, smashed televisions with a sledge hammer, lip synced a bunch, dance around junkyards, broke light bulbs on each other, hid inside rusted cars, drank some beer, ate some pizza, smashed musical instruments and threw VHS tapes at a TV. That’s how The Little Books make a music video. Thanks to @markhubbard @lanthilis and @lylesstyles for helping with everything, wouldn’t have been possible without you.
First location for shooting a Little Books video, TV graveyard. #thelittlebooks
"The Little Books, On Tape"
Gonna have some limited edition four song cassettes at our upcoming shows.
April 5th at Bold Bean (Jax, FL)
April 11th at Display (Gainesville, FL)

My group The Little Books is playing at Jack Rabbits the Saturday with Speaking Cursive. Lets party!
I’ve been recording in a green shed in my folks backyard for the past fourteen years, but I never recorded a band that I wasn’t in… until I met Four Families. Now, nearly a year after we started work on the record it is finished, mastered and released into the world. It’s strange, usually my reward after finishing an album is that I don’t have to listen to it anymore, because they are my songs and I’m tired of them. But with this record I feel like I finally get to listen to it as an album and not something I’m working on. Haha

I’m so glad I got to work on this album, it brought a new life to the ol’ Green Shed and I think we made something awesome in the end. Thanks @four_families

Go have a listen:
It’s so hard to get out once we surround ourselves in with instruments. #thelittlebooks #practice PS: we’re playing this Saturday in Jacksonville at Deep Search records with Jeremiah Johnson, show starts at 8pm. Cheers!
New rickoLus shirts. Designed and printed by @crookedpaw
It’s like we just picked up on a conversation we left ten years ago… Today Rebecca Zapen (violin), Anthony Anurca (bassoon)  and I re recorded “Rivers And Lakes” at the Green Shed studio. It was awesome.